Where does the anger go

“Frustration and anger need to be let out, through positive, and active action”, my counsellor said. Writing would and does help me, but something more physical would be best. I sought out some counselling last summer when I noticed that I was starting to feel, what I considered to be, an unhealthy level of irritability. […]

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Out there on the lake.

Sometimes, you’re swimming in the lake and your very close to where you can’t touch the bottom. (I never learned to swim other than a self taught doggie paddle so this scenario induces some level of a bad dream like fear for me if the right current shows up). It’s very quiet there and any […]

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There’s a form for that.

Some things have changed around the house. My husbands muscle strength has been on the decline these days. For him, moving to get to things, has become painfully problematic. So, we adjusted some things and moved them to him! The stairs have become too much for him to do safely through out the day. The […]

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To Treat, Or Not To Treat

To chose treatment or no treatment, the reoccurring theme in a cancer patients life i suppose. We are past the old days where the only option was a nasty chemo concoction that nearly killed you, along with the cancer, causing violent illness the entire time. Now, those are the back up drugs. There are better […]

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The Being of Care Giving

It has been nearly 3 years since my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 metastasized terminal cancer, when they gave him 6-18 months to live. I often read about people diagnosed with terminal cancer who work, continue their lives with pretty normal levels of functioning and even run marathons for many years! My husband had […]

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The Cancer Clinic

There are four different clinics, a pharmacy, blood lab and a chemo lab within the cancer clinic we go to. At peak time there are at least 100-150 people sitting and waiting to either receive treatment, or to see one of the dozen or so oncologists that are holding a clinic there that day. It […]

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